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I poked my finger on the basketball

2022-06-22 20:16Basketball teenagers
Summary: The finger of playing basketball poked on the basketball. Now it's swollen. What should I doPlease try the following methods: take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain: these drugs
The finger of playing basketball poked on the basketball. Now it's swollen. What should I do
Please try the following methods: take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain: these drugs mainly relieve symptoms through analgesic, detumescence and anti-inflammatory effects. Take the dosage according to the drug instructions until the swelling and pain of the affected finger subside. Affected finger braking: the affected finger recovers faster without force. If you hurt your finger while playing basketballHow to avoid stabbing fingers when playing basketball
Due to the fierce confrontation in basketball, fingers are easy to be injured in activities. After finger injury, stop exercise immediately, and then rinse with cold water for several minutes to avoid serious swelling and congestion. If the injury is not particularly serious and you need to continue playing because of theI poked my finger on the basketball game, you should use elastic bandages to fix itPlaying basketball, your finger is swollen by the ball, how to reduce the swelling
Second: after 24 hours, you can use ointment, spray and other drugs to promote blood circulation and remoI poked my finger on the basketballve blood stasis. If your fingers are swollen badly, remember not to bind them with adhesive tape. Third: if you can't resist the urge to play before your fingers get better, you need to wrap the injured fingers with adhesive tape to prevent secondary injuryWhen playing basketball ~ how do you do if your finger is stuck and swollen
With a big joint, your hands will not look good, and it will be very painful when you get old. Take care of your body. There is basically no possibility of sprain in your fingers. It doesn't matter if your wrist comes to the meeting. It will be fine if you massage it when you're free. If you hurt your joints, do as I sayPlay basketball finger to stab badly hurt, swollen, still have ecchymosis, how to do
Finger stabbing can be divided into five types according to the degree. 1. sprain, 2 Dislocation, 3 Fracture, 4 Tendon rupture, 5 Bruise (split skin). The first three can be treated witI poked my finger on the basketballh external application of bone injury drugs. The latter two kinds of surgical suture treatment. Some fractures are actually avulsion fracturesWhat about playing basketball and poking your finger
Try to be more comfortable. Go back to find some potions. Safflower oil and Yunnan Baiyao will do. If you have finger protection, try to wear it. It can play a certain role in fixing and protecting, so that your fingers can recover better. It's normal for your fingers to poke at the ball. If you play for a long time, your fingers will develop a sense of the ballWhen playing ball, my finger poked the ball and it swelled up. How can I make it detumescence
This is not a serious situation. You shouI poked my finger on the basketballld often apply ice within 24 hours, or buy some bruises. When you first get injured, you should quickly get some ice, and then apply hot compress to see that the injury doesn't hurt the bones, or go to the supermarket to buy an ice cream and put it in the injured place. It's very simple. I also get swollenPlaying basketball yesterday, my fingers (index and middle fingers) were poked and swollen. How can I prevent my fingers from deforming
However, the doctor still gives you Yunnan Baiyao and the above-mentioned don't pull your finger. It's best to keep your finger upward for 2 hours on such a day to speed up the blood flow. With the external medicine bag, you can avoid or reduce the deformation in 3 days at most. It's no problem. Too intense exercise will still hurt youWhen playing ball, the finger poked the ball and it swelled up. What should I do
It is very likely that it is a cartilaginous stabbing injury. For this stabbing injury, you can use Yunnan Baiyao spray, and then rest for a few days; If it is serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examinationHow was finger poked by basketball swollen to do
If LZ likes playing basketball, he will have many secondary experiences in the future
I poked my finger on the basketball

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