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Recovery period of basketball finger prick

2022-06-23 03:36Basketball teenagers
Summary: Play basketball, finger pricks injury, swollen, bent, how to doIf you still feel abnormal pain, it is recommended to go to the hospital for filming. If not, you can buy a bottle of Yunnan Baiyao spray
Play basketball, finger pricks injury, swollen, bent, how to do
If you still feel abnormal pain, it is recommended to go to the hospital for filming. If not, you can buy a bottle of Yunnan Baiyao spray. If you are not allergic to the plaster, you can apply it. Depending on the severity of the injury and medical measures, it can generally recover in 2 to 4 weeksHow to deal with basketball finger stabbing injury
It is very common to stab your finger in basketball. After finger stabbing, the following measures shall be taken in time: stop movement. Apply ice on your fingers with ice water or ice cubes. Buy the ointment and spray for soothing meridians and activating blood circulation, spray the affected area with spray, gently rub it, and stick the ointment after the spray is dryExcuse me, how to deal with and recover from stabbing your finger when playing basketball
Yunnan Baiyao can be used. The effect is good Gently knead the joints At the same time, avoid joint exertion Don't play basketball during this period of time. The injured joint will almost recover after resting for about two weeksHow to deal with basketball finger stabbing injury
If you have finger protection, try to wear it. It can play a certain role in fixing and protecting, so that your fingers can recover betterHow to avoid stabbing fingers when playing basketball
Due to the fierce confrontation in basketball, fingers are easy to be injured in activities. After finger injury, stop exercise immediately, and then rinse with cold water for several minutes to avoid serious swelling and congestion. If the injury is not particularly serious and you need to continue playing because of the game, you should use elastic bandages to fix itMy finger was bruised and a little swollen when playing basketball. It's been a week. What should be done? How long will it take
Massage with safflower oil. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to recover. The sprain and contusion of interphalangeal joint is usually caused by the violent impact of the fingers supporting the ground, or the fingertips being strongly pulled, as well as violent contact with foreign objects. It shows swelling around the joints and severe painHow to recover from basketball finger contusion
Do noRecovery period of basketball finger prickt apply hot compress within 24 hours, only cold compress. You can put your hands into ice (water) to minimize the swelling of your fingers. Only after 24 hours can you apply hot compress. You can apply some potions such as activating collaterals oil and safflower oil or musk pain reRecovery period of basketball finger prickmoving aerosol. During this period, be careful not to be injured twice to prevent habitual injury of fingersIt's been 1 month since I stabbed my finger in basketball
The recovery time of finger injury is relatively long, because this part can not get complete rest. Even if there is no fracture, it will last for at least 3 weeks. Since there is swelling now, it still can not be bent, so it is necessary to rule out the fracture. You need to check the X-ray of your hand. If there is a fracture, see if it affects the activities of the jointPlaying basketball thumb is often poked to injury, how to recover
Auxiliary equipment: thumb fixed bandage (as shown in the figure) hand rehabilitation exercise: use rubber rings for those with small strength, and use grip forcers for those with large strength. Strengthening strength training can help reduce the probability of injury. Most of the reasons why the thumb is stabbed when playing ball are that the action of catching the ball is not standardized. Ball catching can be divided into single handed and double handed (as shown in the figure)When is it good to bruise your finger when playing basketball
In general, the swelling should be reduced within one month. Maybe it's your special situation. In the future, when playing ball, remember to find someone to hold your finger and gently swing it up and down. If no one can pull and swing it by themselves, it won't make your fingers unable to straighten because of the stabbing. I just didn't have experience before
Recovery period of basketball finger prick

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