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How about playing basketball and riding a bike every day

2022-06-23 22:44Basketball teenagers
Summary: Who is good at running, playing basketball or cyclingGrowing tall is undoubtedly playing basketball. It's fun and easy to stick to. It's OK to ride a bike? It's too fake. It's impossible..
Who is good at running, playing basketball or cycling
Growing tall is undoubtedly playing basketball. It's fun and easy to stick to. It's OK to ride a bike? It's too fake. It's impossible... Running.. Strengthen your body. When you see the roadside leaves, you can jump up and touch them. This can also grow tall. As for the evening, personally, I think it's not very good. First of all, I can't see clearly. At least I can't see clearly, and you can think about itI play basketball. I want to improve my physical endurance. Can I exercise through long-term cross-country cycling
I suggest you start with jogging. For example, make a plan to run 2000 meters every morning in the first week, and then do some other physical training, such as doing sit ups, push ups, and jumping up and down the steps. These are all physical fitness training items for playing basketballWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of cycling often
And the speed of bicycle is also relatively fast, which is prone to traffic accidents. Disadvantages: the inner thigh is easy to be injured. When riding a bicycle, the thigh will constantly rub against people's thighs. Long-term friction will lead to leg ulceration and physical discomfortIs playing basketball and cycling good for the heart
It is recommended that you do not take strenuous exercise at the beginning. Warm up before playing basketball and ride slowly by bike. In this way, your heartbeat will be normal. Just adapt first. Thank you. I wish you a happy exerciseWhich is better to strengthen resistance, cycling or playing basketball
Long distance cycling is the best way to enhance resistance. The premise is that the amount of exercise in long-distance cycling is far greater than playing basketball. If you are interested in riding mountain bikes, it is strongly recommended that you ride long-distance bicycles and experience it yourselfIs cycling good for your health every day
Good, but if you are still growing, you'd better ride less. That will make your muscles strong, generate a pulling force on the bones, and limit the growth of leg bones. The same is true of other parts of the bodyWhat are the benefits of playing basketball and cycling every day
Playing basketball is very helpful to How about playing basketball and riding a bike every dayyour body... You can move your joints. Riding a bicycle can train your leg muscles. A long time can promote your vital capacity
Is the effect of running the same as that of playing basketball and cycling
With the same physical strength, running is the best, cycling is the second, and basketball is the worst. And jogging is almost pure aerobic. Even if the heart rate reaches 130, it is still not very fast. There is almost no anaerobic participation.. But if you ride a bicycle very slowly, your heart rate will not reach 130 If it reaches 130, it needs to be quite fastIs cycling good for your health? Is cycling helpful for playing basketball_ Baidu
Riding a bicycle for a long time will oppress men's prostate and testicles, which will have an adverse impact on fertility and the sexual and physiological health of the elderly. Riding a bicycle can strengthen the coordination of the body and improve the muscle strength of the legs, so it is helpful for basketball
Does cycling count as exercise every day
Answer: suggestions: cycling is a very good aerobic exercise, which can exercise the muscles of the whole body. Like running, it can also strengthen the heart and lung function, promote metabolism and blood circulation. It is a very healthy fitness method. Of course, it also has a certain weight loss effect. The dynamic bike in the gym is designed according to the bike. As long as you stick to it, it will have an effect
How about playing basketball and riding a bike every day

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