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Juvenile basketball training

How to do if the basketball arm is crooked

2022-06-26 20:58Juvenile basketball training
Summary: Doctor, I fell down playing basketball on Monday (April 7). At that time, I didn't feel much. The next day, I began to leaveAnswer: Guidance: now it's better to take a film for examination, pay
Doctor, I fell down playing basketball on Monday (April 7). At that time, I didn't feel much. The next day, I began to leave
Answer: Guidance: now it's better to take a film for examination, pay attention to rest, and apply plaster externally to see if there is any improvement. It's better for the recovery of the bodyMy arm hurt when I was playing basketball
Just rub it on the wound. You should have severe soft tissue contusion. If you feel severe pain, you'd better see a doctor in timeWhen playing basketball, there was a tendon in the bend of the arm After a few months, it didn't get better How to eliminate acupuncture or rubbing
AnsHow to do if the basketball arm is crookedwer: the tendon bag you mentioned may be a tendon sheath cyst. You can go to the hospital for examination and do a color Doppler ultrasound. If so, you can do a small opeHow to do if the basketball arm is crookedration to remove it. Acupuncture can cure but it is easy to relapse. Ankle sprain requires bed rest. Walking activities will affect the repair of ligaments. You can take drugs for relaxing tendons and activating blood circulation orallyWhen playing basketball, the arm is twisted and can be forced even if it is bent normally, but can not be completely straightened. When straightening, use force and_ Baidu
Sprain is hard to say. Being able to bend and exert oneself means that the bone is not damaged. It is better to go to the hospital to have a look. If the ligament is injured, I should have a good rest. When I was playing in high school, I fell down and supported the ground with one hand. As a result, the wrist was swollen and the wrist movement was limited. As a result, I took a film of broken scaphoid boneI stabbed my arm while playing basketball. It's been ten days. I went to the hospital to take a film. I said it was no problem with the bone, but my arm
Injuries are a common occurrence. It will be fine in a few days. It's better to wear protective gear when playing. You should pay more attention to protecting your body when playing sports. Especially in winter, it is easy to get injured. It is necessary to warm up before playing. As for the injury, if the liar says it's OK, it's a muscle injuryMy elbow was seriously dislocated when playing basketball. Now I can't straighten and bend it. Please tell me how to
What you need most is to take a film. It should be more than a drag to see your situation. If you have combined neurovascular injury, you need to explore. Don't listen to traditional Chinese medicine for bone setting and treatment
I like playing basketball. After training every day, my whole body is sore, especially my arms can't bend back, and my abdomen
Follow the exercise principle of "acid plus pain minus". If it is really painful, ask the coach for leave, because if you continue to exercise with high intensity under the condition of physical pain, you will cause some damage to your body, and some will even be irreversibleToday, when I fell down playing basketball, I subconsciously supported the ground with my elbows. I can't bend and straighten my hands completely, and I can't exert myself
I have also had this kind of situation, and it is easy to hurt and lose strength in the future. I think we'd better go to the hospital for a check-up first. When we're fully recovered, we'll try to do preparatory activities in advance when we exercise next timePlay basketball elbow contusion, bend to ache, how to do
Plaster it
How to do with arm strain when playing basketball
Playing basketball is a very good sport. Arm strain may be caused by not exercising for a long time or too intense exercise. So how do we deal with a muscle strain? Here are my suggestions. After muscle strain, first confirm the severity, lift the arm, or swing the arm
How to do if the basketball arm is crooked

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