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What if you play basketball with stiff movements

2022-06-22 18:04Juvenile basketball training
Summary: He is very stiff when playing basketballThe so-called rigid body means that when you play basketball, your movements are uncoordinated or your fake movements are unnatural and lifelike. If you play fo
He is very stiff when playing basketball
The so-called rigid body means that when you play basketball, your movements are uncoordinated or your fake movements are unnatural and lifelike. If you play for a long time, it will naturally get better. In fact, playing mainly depends on the feeling of the ball. You should relax your body aWhat if you play basketball with stiff movementsnd play as you likePlaying basketball body movement and dribbling are not coordinated. How to improve rigidity
Stiff movements are mostly the reason for poor flexibility. You can consider practicing yoga. Practice less on-site dribbling and more on-site running and dribbling. When you practice the layup yourself, don't rush to make a shot. Open your body in the air and then make a shot. If you can, shoot the rebound after the shot. It changed slowlyStiff basketball moves
It is estimated that the basic movements have taken shape when you learn, such as crossover, crotch, left and right hand alternating dribble, etc. if you want to solve the problem of rigidity, you can make up your mind to change some of your basic movements. When you do it, you should enlarge the movements as much as possible, stretch your hands and feet more, and then practice moreWhat should I do if my body is stiff in the next game
First practice turn back running (without the ball), then practice running with the ball, one-on-one with others, increase the dribbling time, and unify the dribbling of motor nerves throughout the body. In this way, you will gradually overcome this problemPlaying basketball has caused pain in the waist (left side) for a long time due to stiff movements! What to do
Before playing basketball, warm up in advance, do stretching exercises, leg pressing movements, and jogging for a period of time. You can sweat a little. Playing basketball is stiff, which depends on your own practice. You need to find out the ball feeling and hand feeling, as well as practice ball control, board playing, rebounding, defense and other actionsWhen playing ball, the body doesn't coordinate well How to break the stiff movement
Because badminton is an event in which the upper and lower limbs move at the same time, the completion of various hitting movements requires the coordination of the whole body. The quality of coordination will directly affect the hitting movements and quality. Flexibility refers to the stretching ability of human joint muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues. The training of badminton players' coordinationWhen I play basketball, I feel that my movements are stiff and uncoordinated. The style of play is not good-looking and beautiful. What sWhat if you play basketball with stiff movementshould I do? I value movement very much
It will also be considered beautiful. No one will think your goal is too ugly. Fourth, it is also the most helpless. For women, if you are handsome, you will score beautiful goals no matter how. If you are not handsome, then no matter how beautiful your movements are, they will be ignored. Women generally only know two things, handsome and score goals"What if the basketball moves are too stiff?"
This problem is encountered by almost all novices. You can choose several special exercise methods to improve it. Many community fitness centers have all kinds of fitness equipment, that is, the upper part is fixed, and the lower part is a disc. Fix the upper body, twist the waist and swing the butt:) in additionHow can you coordinate your stiff movements when playing basketball
The movement coordination can be improved by jogging and rope skipping. If it is a technical movement, it is necessary to practice the basic skills hard. Here is a little proposal. If conditions permit, it is best to hold the ball and sleep, so as to improve your own ball character, that is, the feeling of basketball. This is very helpfulI play basketball very hard
My friends said that I was very hard to play basketball. I felt a little stiff, like a zombie. I couldn't relax
What if you play basketball with stiff movements

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