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Juvenile basketball training

How to score three points in basketball

2022-06-22 20:16Juvenile basketball training
Summary: Is there anyone who can guarantee that he will score 100% when he throws a three-point ball with his feet off the lineLet's just say the probability. Even if it's as strong as curry, it can't
Is there anyone who can guarantee that he will score 100% when he throws a three-point ball with his feet off the line
Let's just say the probability. Even if it's as strong as curry, it can't guarantee 100%, but it can be said that he is very confident
What are the skills of shooting three pointers in basketball
I think, shooting three points is almost like shooting two points. First of all, you should be very ball oriented. You should also master the strength of shooting, which is slowly practiced by yourself. Shooting depends on the feeling of the hand. What is the feeling of the hand? In fact, it is a state. If you adjust yourself to this state, the hit rate will be very high. In shortHow to practice shooting 3-pointer in basketball
After the middle distance is stable, strength training should be strengthened. However, when training strength, we must not forget to maintain the softness of the wrist. There is also the hand shape. Many friends lose the softness of the wrist because of strengthening strength, and become inaccurate and deformedHow to make it easier to hit three points in basketball
Practice more. If you have time and perseverance, you can shoot 100 shots a day, 150 shots a day two weeks later, and 200 shots a day two weeks later. It's good for our amateur to shoot 200 shots a day. If you can persist for a period of time, you will certainly achieve results. In addition, I play more with expertsHow to shoot a ball to hit a hundred goals
The super high basketball hit rate not only needs the correct shooting posture, but also needs a large range of sHow to score three points in basketballhooting training. Shooting training should be conducted from near to far, that is, first practice shooting at the place closest to the basket. After the hit rate rises, slowly expand outward. Do not enter the basketball court to practice three points immediatelyHow can I make the three-point shot more accurate
The whole shoulder, elbow, wrist and basket are in a straight line. As long as you adjust the arc of the ball, you can generally throw in The discomfort of the body can be adapted after a period of timeHow can you hit 100% from a three-point shot? Thank you. God help me
In the game, it is often seen that some shooters can still throw the ball when they suddenly lose their balance under the action of external forces, which shows that the shooter has good physical coordination. At the moment of the ball, his body and hands are relatively stable. The shooter has a strong sense of time and space, good hand feeling and strong self-confidence, so that the power of the whole shooting action is evenHow to practice shooting three points in basketball
3-point shooting is a long-distance shooting, which requires good wrist strength. Therefore, it is very helpful to practice wrist strength for 3-point shooting. You can choose to practice with dumbbells and contact in groups. After a long time of practice, it will be easier to throw 3-point shooting with great wrist strength, and the 3-point hit rate will naturally be improvedHow to improve your 3-pointer hit rate
We should also keep the hand in contact with the basketball as long as possible (i.e. with the ball for a long time), which is conducive to controlling the movement direction of the ball and increasing the shooting percentage. At the beginning, we should not consider too much whether the ball has been thrown into the basket. Focus on the body posture, movement and the rhythm of the whole shooting movementHow can we make a good three-point shot when playing basketball
The correct preparatory action for throwing the three-point ball should be to bend our knees slightly and then not exceed the toes after we intercept the ball, and make our hip joints push back, which will make our whole body center of gravity more stable, and also lay a foundation for our coordinated effort when we take shots later
How to score three points in basketball

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