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Cai Chongxin's basketball moves if you have to say so

2022-06-23 20:22Juvenile basketball training
Summary: What is the most expensive transfer fee in NBA at presentThere is no transfer fee in the NBA. If you have to say so, the new contract signed by a player who changes to his team should be a transfer fe
What is the most expensive transfer fee in NBA at present
There is no transfer fee in the NBA. If you have to say so, the new contract signed by a player who changes to his team should be a transfer fee! According to statistics, at Cai Chongxin's basketball moves  if you have to say sopresent, the highest new contract signed by NBA players switching to his team should be the four-year contract signed between superstar Durant and the nets in the off-season of 2019
Caichongxin will pay 100 million luxury tax for the basketball net. How much is his worth
In 2019, Cai Chongxin once again spent 2.4 billion yuan to win the entire basketball network and the home Barclays center. In prokhov's fishing nets, most of the time, they are fishing teams. In order to give five overdrafts in the future, they gambled unsuccessfully. The basketball net is on the right track step by step in the era of CAI ChongxinTwo years ago, Cai Chongxin spent $2.35 billion to buy the US basketball network. How much is it now
However, even if he likes basketball, Cai Chongxin will not have to spend so much money to buy a team. The essence of businessmen is to pursue interests, and Cai Chongxin is no exception. With the increasing attention of the basketball network, this is undoubtedly a great benefit to caichongxin. That year, Cai Chongxin bought the nets for 2.35 billion yuan. Two years have passedIn order to get harden to pay 87million more luxury tax, does caichongxin earn or lose
For a rich fan boss like caichongxin, it's nothing to pay an extra 87million luxury tax on the premise of getting one of the league's top five superstars. The three giants of the basketball network can compete for this season's O'Brien cup without any loss. There is a famous saying in the NBA Business League: change for whole money will never loseWhat does caichongxin's 3billion yuan basketball Empire rely on to pay the three giants
To say that the team with the highest traffic and the most popular now, it must be the basketball team with three giants. Just a regular season, the highest number of online live viewers on the famous sports platform has exceeded 10million. Even the Lakers with James now have no such large traffic and online viewersWhat impact will caichongxin's acquisition of shares of the basketball network have on the Chinese men's basketball team
As we all know, Chinese basketball players lack the fighting spirit of the United States. In this way, directly putting Chinese players into NBA training in the United States can not only directly realize their dreams, but also complete themselves and win glory for Chinese basketball. BCai Chongxin's basketball moves  if you have to say sout then again, caichongxin's direct purpose is to make profits throughBallmer has a fortune of 51.7 billion, ranking first in sports in the United States. What is the ranking of caichongxin, the owner of the basketball network
It can be seen that the previous rich basically followed Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft, while Cai Chongxin followed Jack Ma as the founder of Alibaba. Caichongxin also likes basketball very much. He also likes playing basketball after work. After the nets were bought by caichongxin, they were also concerned by many fansIn 18 years, Cai Chongxin spent 2.3 billion to buy the basketball nets. How much is it worth now
The reason why investment leaders are willing to invest in NBA teams is that as long as the market value of NBA teams increases, they can make money. It is worth mentioning that there is a big man in China who also invested in the NBA team. His name is caichongxin. He first spent $1billion to buy 49% of the shares of the nets in 2017What changes will caichongxin bring to Chinese basketball after his acquisition of the nets
Although there are many good basketball players in China, there may still be a big gap between China and the world-class NBA players. And the biggest dream of many Chinese basketball players is to become a member of the NBA. As for Cai Chongxin, after acquiring the NBA basketball teamIs caichongxin really the best basketball player in Ali
Cai Chongxin is not the best basketball player in Ali, because he is nearly 50 years old. Most of those basketball players are in their twenties and thirties, and their physical strength can not keep up. Moreover, every basketball team has its own advantages and disadvantages
Cai Chongxin's basketball moves if you have to say so

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