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Ankle bone pain when playing basketball

2022-06-23 20:22Juvenile basketball training
Summary: I have practiced basketball more and made a breakthrough. As a result, I feel some pain in my left ankle recently. What should I doGenerally, there are two reasons for the above reasons: insufficient
I have practiced basketball more and made a breakthrough. As a result, I feel some pain in my left ankle recently. What should I do
Generally, there are two reasons for the above reasons: insufficient warm-up before exercise and insufficient calcium in nutritional supplement. It is recommended to do more flexible ankle exercises in the future. At present, it is in the stage of sports injury. It is recommended to stop exercise and soak your feet with hot water to drown the ankle. In the future, remember to supplement nutrition and do enough warm-up exercises. Generally speaking, strengthHow does ankle joint ache do after playinAnkle bone pain when playing basketballg basketball
For ankle pain caused by playing basketball, ice should be applied within 24 hours, and the injured muscles and bones should rest for at least 100 days. If you don't recuperate well, you may become habitual sprain in the future. My brother always wears ankle protection when playing basketball. The picture is like this: the joint pain on his hand may be caused by the touch of the ballBasketball ankle pain (uninjured)
It is best to wrap the wound with a sports bandage, but not too tight to avoid pain. Raise it to reduce the blood pressure in the injured area, and put the ankle on the bench. Prevention includes preparation before exercise, calm, stretch and often change the way of exercise I wish you health soonHow is it that two ankles ache when playing basketball
Sometimes it's because of fatigue! Just like infrequent exercise, you will feel muscle soreness after sudden intense exercise. Before exercise, you'd better warm up and move your ankles to avoid injury. Some basketball moves are very windy, but there are hidden dangers, that is to say, you can't feel it nowBone pain in instep, heel and ankle when playing basketball
You'd better move your feet a few times before exercise. Although the soles of your feet touch the ground very stably, what do I think? The soles of your feet will hurt. I touch the ground with my toes, which shoulAnkle bone pain when playing basketballd not be related to my ankles. [supplement: if you don't have a sense of balance, you can touch the ground with the soles of your feet, but don't force or force it, which will damage your feet]
Why does often play basketball meet ankle ache/
It may be the injury of the ankle and wrist joint. It is estimated that it is caused by the lack of warm-up before the exercise and the wrong method of taking off and landing when playing ball. Take a rest for about a week. Don't do strenuous jumping during this period. Don't carry too much weight. The pain should not continue in the futureHow does playing basketball ankle ache do
How many days have you been in pain? As long as you can hit the ball. Can run. It's usually OK. Just a little longer. If you want to get better quickly, you can apply more medicine oil. Only when it hurts so much that you can't touch the ground should you go to the bag. don't worry. It will get betterWhat factors are closely related to ankle pain after playing basketball and should be avoided
However, if there is no pain on that day and only discomfort on the next day, it is likely to be muscle pain caused by long-term inactivity and excessive lactate secretion. There is no need to go to the hospital for treatment in this situation. Just rest at home for a few days, about twoorthree days. Many people may not know that when your body plays basketbalAnkle bone pain when playing basketballlAfter playing basketball, the bone below the knee and above the ankle will ache. How is this going on
Under normal circumstances, if this happens occasionally, it is likely that we do not pay attention to our actions when playing, and the action is sudden or too hard. However, if this happens frequently, it is likely that some hidden diseases have appeared in our bonesAfter playing basketball, why is it very painful near the ankle bone? How to treat
This brother should have injured his ankle before. Pay attention when playing. Find ankle protection to protect his ankle. This kind of pain is tiring. It doesn't matter. You can use ice to relieve it. When playing, do a certain warm-up exercise, at least throw the ball, jump, pull the ligaments, and don't start playing immediately
Ankle bone pain when playing basketball

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