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Basketball leg thinning if you have more leg muscles

2022-06-22 20:16Juvenile basketball training
Summary: Does basketball leg get thinnerFrom a scientific point of view, exercise will reduce your leg fat. If you have more fat in your legs, it will become thinner. If you have more leg muscles, it will not.
Does basketball leg get thinner
From a scientific point of view, exercise will reduce your leg fat. If you have more fat in your legs, it will become thinner. If you have more leg muscles, it will not. It may further make your legs stronger, that is, thickerWhy are basketball legs so thin? How can we make them thin
Basketball players have to lift their calf muscles because of the training intensity, which makes people look very thin, but actually very strong, and explosive! If you don't believe it, you can find a basketball player to see their calves
Is the average girl's basketball leg thicker or thinner
I am also a girl. I also play basketball. So mine is getting thicker, and it doesn't have a shape. If you want to slim your legs, go running. Run at a medium speed twoorthree times a week. Every time at least 20 minutes, the key is to pull the ligament after running! Especially the lower leg, you can step on the steps with one foot in front of the foot, and then stretch it down hardHow boys exercise and play basketball
① Pay attention to calcium and vitamin D. calcium can be eaten, as well as calcium rich foods, such as shrimp skin, milk, bean products, etc. ② To strengthen physical exercise, we should be fully prepared during exercise. Physical activities are open. Then the blood circulation of lower limbs and participating in various fierce sports or competitions can avoid leg cramps. ③ Keep warmHow to make your legs thinner? I want to play basketball. It doesn't matter if I have muscles
After a minute of rest, continue to massage the thin knee and both sides for 5 times. A lot of fat is less accumulated around the knee, because the knee is a joint part connected with bones, but this part is easy to be swollen or loose, which makes the legs feel thicker. The specific method is: massage from around the knee, OKWhy do basketball players have thin legs
Basketball requirements. Because basketball needs continuous acceleration and bouncing, athletes must also have good explosive power and bouncing power from the requirements of sports. It is the players who meet this requirement who play in the NBA, so we see such players on the courtI play basketball. How can ability let oneself crus change of the fine dot
I'm a physical education teacher in the school. The line will answer your questions. I think the landlord's calf is thick because he didn't pay attention to relaxation before playing. So after playing, lactic acid accumulates to form a relatively bloated calf. According to your situation, I'll give you some solutionsStretch and massage your calf after playing basketball? Why do I seldom stretch my legs? It's still a thin day
Because the muscle is elastic, stretching can temporarily make the muscle longer, that is, thinner. After about half an hour, the muscle will contract to its original length. It is possible that the Achilles tendon of the calf is relatively long, so it looks thin. Generally, people with longer Achilles tendon have better jumping abilityWill playing basketball make your legs thinner and your thighs thicker
It should not be. EverythBasketball leg thinning  if you have more leg musclesing should be done in an appropriate amount. No special large amount of exercise will only make your leg muscles tighter, not loose and boastful. Therefore, playing basketball properly should make your leg edges more symmetrical
Can playing basketball make your legs thinner
Look at how thin McGrady Yao Ming's legs are. O'Neal is so fat, but his legs are still very thin. Ha ha, this is because playing basketball, because these sports consume more energy, which is not conducive to muscle growth. In addition, they will become thinner and thinner as they practice. They can also go up and down stairs and jump rope Note: after the activity, apply cold and hot water to the legs to accelerate blood circulation Massage to relax
Basketball leg thinning if you have more leg muscles

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